A Simple Theory On Winning

I have a theory on winning in life. It’s a simple tool that everyone can use to achieve anything.

It’s something I figured out years ago and just recently managed to realize it and put it in words.

This is responsible for pretty much everything I’ve achieved.
I, for sure, haven’t made a million dollars, nor I live in a mansion and travel the world, but considering the odds to even lead a good life, I believe I’ve done quite well.

I grew up in a small city in the middle of Bulgaria. My family was poor and uneducated. Not a single member of my entire family has ever graduated from university. 95% of my relatives have worked minimum wage jobs their entire lives.

Yet, today I live in Germany, in one of the best cities in the world even though I am a university dropout. I travel frequently around Europe and make enough money to live quite comfortably and I’m just 24.

The theory is simple, yet I don’t see many who ever think of life like this.

“Don’t stop until you win”

That’s it. That’s the theory.

Let me explain it.

Let’s say you want to learn web design, get a job and eventually travel the world as a freelancer. If you start today and you put any effort into improving your skills day after day, at some point, you’ll become good enough and will start applying for jobs.

At first, unless you have quite the luck, you’ll get rejected by a lot of companies. Let say, a year passes by and no matter how many companies you apply to you get consistently rejected. But here’s the thing, you don’t stop working on improving your skills.

At some point, considering you don’t stop improving you’d have become so good that simply not hiring you would seem crazy. At some point, you’ll be so good that you could just jump to step number 3 and start freelancing.

There is simply no chance that you’ll not be making a lot of money with your craft after some time if you apply this.

Think about it.

If you work hard and consistently improve you’ll be able to create something with your skills, you’ll become a person of value.

If you never stop improving at what you do no matter the outcome. If failure doesn’t mean a thing and learning from it is all you do. I’ll eventually win whatever it is you want.

Work -> Work -> Failure -> Work -> Failure -> Work -> Success

It’s really that simple

I believe this can be applied to a lot of different areas of life. All it takes is courage, hard work, persistence and not fearing failure.

If you do all of this.

There’s simply no way not to win.

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