7 Real Reasons Why Reading is So Important

Reading good books is like going through life while having cheat codes. Yet this is not enough of a reason to make people start reading.

I totally get that.

I spent years telling myself how I’m going to start reading books but never did. It never seemed important so I always procrastinated.

Once I delved deep into the benefits of reading and why actually people preach so much about it I was able to finally get it.

This article includes the real reasons that make reading so great and if you’re on the line, it should be the thing to push you through and finally start that reading habit.

1. Reading improves analytical skills

Different researchers have found that reading improves your analytical thinking skills. Because it keeps your mind elastic and active. It improves your mental capabilities and it makes you able to spot patterns quicker. It helps you gain more knowledge and thus, get better at comparing and examining things.

Your brain can remain active even after you read your book. Sometimes this can last for at least several days afterward.

2. Reading improves your memory

When you read a book you have to remember different characters, the main plot and all of the subplots. All these points throughout the story are new memories created in your brain, which means that your brain adds memory storage capacity without actually trying.

3. Stress reduction

Researchers have demonstrated that reading can reduce stress by around 65%. Imagine it. You sit in your quiet room while losing yourself in some great story.

How can you get pissed at someone after that?

4. Reading expands your vocabulary

This one should probably go without mentioning but here I am. The more you read, the more words you get exposed to. The more words you get exposed to, the more you start using.

The more you start using, the more well-spoken you get – you got my point.
If you want to win more arguments and look and feel way more clever. Read!

5. Improves concentration and attention span

Reading forces you to pay attention to only one thing for a long period of time. This improves your focus, concentration and most importantly – your attention span.

With our smartphones sitting always near us, we constantly switch from app to app, which completely destroys our attention span. And when we need to focus on one thing at a time we find it hard and boring due to the same reason.

Reading helps us with that as well.

6. Improves your writing skills

If you want to be a writer or just to develop your writing skills. You must read. A lot. This goes hand to hand. Steven King even said it in his book on writing.

Actually, every successful writer will tell you the exact same thing. It works the same way as with the musicians, for example. You want to create amazing music. You listen to different composers, learn the way they structure their pieces, learn different ways of composing.

And often, unconsciously get influenced by the greatest ( probably one of the reasons for the high amount of lawsuits in the last years ).

7. Knowledge

During the whole human history, on the earth have lived approximately 100 billion people. 100 billion people. The first evidence of written language goes back to 5 000 years ago.

Can you grasp how much knowledge is that?

Just take a second and think about it. There is literally no better source than books to learn wisdom. To learn what to do and what not to. To learn how to win at life and how not to lose.

Only in books, one can read all the biographies of all of the great people. Learn from the first hand what they did and how exactly. See their mistakes and how they’ve overcome them.

Just think about it.

Some person had spent his whole life learning through trial and error and then he had written everything down. And we can go on Amazon get that book and literally learn everything that he needed years for. And we can do it in a period of a week.

Every single problem you’ve ever had has been someone else’s problem too and this “someone” had even written a book about it. The history of humankind is simply way too long for that not to happen.

Or as Otto von Bismarck has put it

“Only fools learn from his own mistakes. The wise man learns from the mistakes of others”.

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