How to Never Feel Cold

I learned this as a kid, I cannot recall how or when. I just do it since I can remember.

It’s one of those habits you often do but never consciously until one day you ask yourself “Why?”.

A few years ago, I was walking back home with my girlfriend. It was the middle of the winter, so cold that you could feel the wind in your bones.

My girlfriend had never been cold-tolerant. She was shaking while trying to walk fast to get somewhere warm sooner.

I wanted to help, so I took my scarf off and gave it to her to make her warm, it didn’t help. I gave her my hat, same result.

Only thing I had left was my jacket, I took it off and put it on her, hoping it will be enough.

To my surprise, she said she doesn’t feel any difference.

A few minutes passed away and here we were, me wearing just a pullover and not feeling much and her, looking like the “Michelin” logo and shaking intensely.

“How come you don’t feel cold?” she asked.

“I feel it, I just don’t mind it” I replied.

As you’ve probably realized, this is not a story about escaping the cold, it’s about making the unbearable bearable.

This simple mind trick has helped me get through a lot of nasty moments. From dealing with pain to resolving unpleasant emotions and many, many more.

What I love most is the simplicity of it.

No matter what you feel or how bad it hurts, you can just decide that you don’t mind it. And that’s going to make all the difference.

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