Don’t Follow the Script

I work at a startup where we hire a lot of new people every month. I also frequently go to meetups.

Naturally, I get to know a lot of people who are into the whole “self-improvement” thing.

What keeps fascinating me is how alike all those people are. I wouldn’t exaggerate if I say that 70-80% of the guys I meet are the same.

They have the same hobbies, the same interests. Listen to the same podcasts, have the same interests.

Most guys usually check out at least 4 of these boxes.

  • Tim Ferriss
  • Joe Rogan
  • Perfect morning routine
  • Meditation
  • Stoicism
  • Passive income
  • Lift weights on the weekend
  • Has 17 hobbies
  • Rapid learning
  • Either read books obsessively or hates books

For me is easy to strike a conversation because I’ve done some of this as well.

What bothers me is that I rarely see intelligent 20s people with strong personalities these days.

These days, I often feel like, driven by insecurities, we guys get obsessed about things we believe are making us better but actually are making us the same as everybody and in search of this “better” we lose ourselves.

There’s nothing wrong with doing any of this, you’re surely better off following Tim Ferriss’s routine than becoming a couch potato.
But there’s an alternative. 

It’s not about being a contrarian for the sake of being different.

The alternative is developing a strong personality and instead of looking to turn yourself from beta to alpha to actually see what YOU actually ARE what you actually enjoy to do and delve deep into it.

Tim Ferriss is Tim Ferriss, Joe Rogan is Joe Rogan and you Jimmy is you – Jimmy. By following closely the script you don’t find what you actually are like.

You don’t let your personality grow and shine, you turn yourself into a religious follower.

Inside everything, there’s something useful.

So, instead of becoming a walking stoicism handbook – Why don’t you adopt only a few beliefs that you actually find useful?

Instead of starting 17 hobbies to show how versatile and a quick learner you are – start just one, one that you actually enjoy.

Instead of doing things for the sake of being cool – Why don’t you play chess, simply because you like it?

Instead of precisely following some kind of diet – Why don’t you try to adopt a few useful ideas and move forward?

Don’t follow the script. 

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